It is music to our ears when the French musical periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the model series as ‘evidence for the great tradition of piano manufacture in Germany,’ and further: ‘Schimmel pianos are without doubt… more than a mere study instrument … A direct hit amongst the instruments tested … [It] is distinguished by the fine richness in tonal quality and harmonic structure. This is an instrument which has been thought through right down to the last detail…’


H (inch) | H x W x D (cm): 47" | 121 x 150 x 62
Weight (lbs | kg): 549 | 249

Finish: Polished Ebony | Polished Mahogany | Elegance Manhattan Polished Ebony | Elegance Manhattan Polished Mahogany | Tradition Marketerie Polished Mahogany w/inlays | Royal Polished Ebony | Royal Intarsie Flora Polished Mahogany w/inlays

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