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Bosendorfer A Living Legend

“More than a name…” Bosendorfer pianos have been identified with the genius of the maestros.

For generations the production of these exquisite instruments has been painstakingly preserved.

The Bosendorfer dedication to craftsmanship and excellence limits production to only 300 pianos each year to fill the global demand that includes The Music Salons of Royalty, The homes of Discerning collectors and the stages of World Class Performers.

For the first time in decades the largest collection of Bosendorfer pianos has been assembled for your selection as part of the Bosendorfer Premium Piano Tour exclusively at Forte Piano Company, Paramus New Jersey.

159 W ROUTE 4

Join us on Thursday May 9, Friday May 10, and Saturday May 11 from 10 am to 8pm to preview this collection of the finest pianos in the world. This selection of instruments includes traditional and art case pianos that range in sizes from 5’8” up to 9’4”. Some of the pianos presented will be available for purchase and other instruments will be destined to local institutions and concert venues.

As you are considering a premium hand crafted piano, consider the most impressive piano crafted in Vienna since 1828.

Bosendorfer Exclusive Financing offer of 0% APR* for 24 months will be available to qualified buyers.(*minimum monthly payments required; on purchases of new and in-stock Bosendorfer piano for this event only)

Delivery Services will be available.
Trade- ins will be accepted.
Airport shuttle service available during tour event and appointment times.

We expect many interested parties attending from all over the northeast for this exciting event. For piano viewing and selection a private appointment is suggested. Please call 201-265-1212 for an appointment.


Thursday May: 9 – 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday May: 10 – 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday May: 11- 10:00 AM -8:00 PM

CALL 201-265-1212 for details, directions or an appointment

Join us for this exclusive event.

Bosendorfer Klavierfabrik, GmbH, Vienna Austria

Forte Piano Co., Paramus NJ

Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 in B Minor

Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Pathetique, receives its premiere performance in St. Petersburg, only nine days before the composer’s death.

Elisabeth Morrow School Orchestra Opened for Itzhak Perlman at bergenPAC

We just came across this great story! Itzhak @PerlmanOfficial showed his support for these young musicians.

The Importance of Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is not quick, nor are they always convenient. But, they are necessary if you want to keep your instrument in good condition. If you do not keep a piano for musical purposes, consider how value relies on condition, in case you ever decide to sell.

Regular Piano Tunings Can Prevent Serious Damage

Pianos are complex instruments; if one part performs sub-par, the overall quality of the instrument suffers. Bad tuning can be a symptom of another problem, and out-of-tune strings are probably the most annoying indicators that you are in need of an overall tune-up.

Regular piano tuning can also prevent damage. Correct (and constant) string tension is important to the health of many delicate piano parts – parts which are very expensive to fix. Piano tuning help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to (and from) neighboring pieces.

Piano Tuners Can Inform You of Problems

Some issues are undetectable by players, so having a qualified professional look inside your piano on a regular basis can prevent small problems from evolving into major damage. But remember: not all piano tuners are piano technicians, and vice versa. If you want your piano looked at in-depth, find a tuner who has been trained to handle piano maintenance.

The More You Tune Your Piano, The Less You Have To

Regular piano tuning help build string “strength.” After a few regular tunings, you’ll notice that the pitch doesn’t stray as easily (or as often) as it did before; however, this does depend on your piano’s condition, as well as your technician’s approach. Ideally, you should have at least four tunings per year.

Regular Piano Tunings Save You Money

If your piano has gone two or more years without a tuning, it might require corrective treatments. Here are two common procedures used to fix severely bad tuning:

  • Pitch-Raising is a pre-tuning process that prepares the strings to be tuned. If done incorrectly, this technique can negatively impact the piano’s timbre; sacrifice proper string vibration, and cause a twang or rattle if the strings have interference.
  • Double-Tuning is when a general, overall tuning is performed before a fine-tuning. The first tuning is crucial because the tuning process itself can cause weak strings to go out-of-tune; starting off with a fine-tuning would be a tremendous waste of time on severely out-of-tune strings.

Judie Jensen

“Dear Vladimir,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the beautiful grand piano for the presentation of “Expressions and Reflections – Third Annual Student Recital 2006”. Many students do not have the opportunity to play a grand piano, and having this one present at the recital added to the experience for them.

I hope you will support this event again in the future. It is my pleasure to recommend Forte Piano to those who are on the market for a quality instrument.”

Barbara Levy

“I can’t tell you the multiple hours of enjoyment that I have had playing my “special” piano.”

William and Barbara Kurtz and Sons

“Dear Vladimir!

Our Schimmel looks beautiful in our new home! It is so nice to hear our home filled with music each day. Thank you very much for guiding us in the purchase of our new piano and for the extraordinary customer service, even in our move to Canada! We will highly recommend Forte Piano to all of our friends back in New Jersey!”

Laura Hume

“Dear Vladimir,

We just love our piano. We are so happy that we decided on the one and that we were able to work with you! William has been practicing “Fur Elise” and the music you gave him, and now he has it memorized! My husband has even been playing again!

Thomas Fischetti

What Our Clients Have to Say About Forte Piano

“Dear Vladimir,

I just wanted to express my gratitude in regards to the purchase and delivery of our Schimmel Piano. The piano sounds wonderful in our home. My children and wife have been playing exciting new pieces on it daily. What a great sight to see my children enjoying themselves while challenging each other to play at a level they did not think they capable of.

As I told you when I met you, this was going to be a surprise gift for my Wife, and what a surprise it was. Your movers delivered the piano at precisely the time I specified. This was challenging as we were having a surprise party just one hour after the delivery. The party was a success, but to my surprise was my wife’s reaction to the piano in our family room. She was in tears and speechless. All of our guests could not figure out how I had a grand piano delivered to our home on a Sunday morning before the party and without my Wife’s knowledge. This will be a secret between you and I.

Thank you for being a man of integrity and knowledge of your product.”